Jim Beam Bacon Infused Bourbon

jim beam bacon

Today, there’s a new bourbon in town. And it’s got bacon in it. BACON!!

Beam Global announces their new Jim Beam Bacon Bourbon, with world wide availability starting today. Years in development, the distillers at Jim Beam took no shortcuts in their process of using Manuka-cured bacon and infusing it with the world’s best bourbon to create something only bacon lovers and bourbon fans would embrace.

This isn’t for shooting. It’s for sipping. It’s the smooth taste of Jim Beam with the taste of bacon that’s just right… not overwhelming and nothing to stand in the way of enjoying a glass of bourbon. And it’s not just for breakfast, either. Anytime of the day is perfect for a sip of bacon-infused bourbon – Jim Beam style.

So go visit your local liquor store and ask for Jim Beam Bacon Bourbon. You will thank your taste buds later.

The Jim Beam Lineup

jim beam lineup

And while you are there, pick up the REAL lineup of Jim Beam bourbons. All ready to sip, mix and enjoy.

April Fool’s Day to all of my imbibers.


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