Mike’s HARDER Original Orange Soda

mikes harder

I’m a fan of most of the Mike’s HARDER Lemonade flavored malt beverages and get pretty happy to find new flavors that are not available to me here in Utah. So in a recent trip back east, I found this Original Orange Soda at a Food Lion grocery store in Williamsburg, VA. Props to any state that allows grocery stores to sell full strength canned beers and malt beverages.

The can says it used “only natural flavors” and I believe them. Tasting this straight from the can, it was very evident there is real oranges used in this alcoholic beverage. In my excited haste to try this, I only took a photo of the front of the can instead of also taking one of the back that shows the ingredients. I tried to find a page that shows the ingredients, but alas, the closest I got was this page from a distributor.

The can is 23.5 oz (close enough to 24 oz) and I normally only purchase the 16 oz cans. But this particular flavor is only available in the one size. So I drank about half of it from the can and then mixed the rest of it in a refillable water bottle with ice to enjoy later. Diluted, it was still pretty good.

If you find this in your area, I recommend getting a can or two. If you are already a fan of Mike’s HARDER, then let me know once you try it and how you liked it. I know I’m anticipating getting another can next time I’m out of town.

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