Accumulation White India Pale Ale

The second of two holiday themed beers that are getting a much delayed blog posting. This one I had a party one night and one was shared with me by the host. Most of the other beers

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot – Tequila

On most Tuesday nights from September till April, I am part of a bowling league. At the bowling alley, they have a bar [like most bowling alleys have] and a great bartender named Dallas. I normally get

Red Rock Griswald’s Holiday Ale

I came up short with my 24 Spirits of the Season blog posts last year. I made it to 11 out of 24, which is almost halfway. But I still had a couple more holiday beers that

Woodchuck Hard Cider Spring

It’s been a while since I posted about Woodchuck Hard Cider. It was last summer and it was the Summer blend of the popular brand. This time around, I found a six pack of the Spring blend.


Are you Untappd? Well, I am. I’ve been using the Untappd iOS app for three years now to check into beers that I drink and follow breweries that I enjoy. I’ve also made a lot of friends

Pick a Six

When you buy beer, do you always buy in multipacks like a six pack or case to save money? There was a time I did that. Back before my tastes became more refined and the craft beer


After about a year spent developing a taste and love for IPAs, I’ve grown a wandering eye for some of the beers I’ve been missing out on as a result. Most specifically, stouts. I love stouts. Always