Ben & Jerry’s Urban Bourbon

urban bourbon

Ice cream with alcohol? Well, not really, but the bourbon taste is very much evident in this new Ben & Jerry’s flavor – Urban Bourbon.

urban bourbon

As the lid says, this is burnt caramel ice cream with almonds, fudge flakes and bourbon caramel swirls. In my research for finding out more about this ice cream, I wondered how the bourbon caramel was made. It’s a given that at some point in the process, there is real bourbon used to cook the caramel in. In part of the cooking process, the alcohol of the bourbon gets cooked out, leaving only the taste of bourbon infused into the caramel. As to what kind of bourbon is used, I could not tell you. I can only hope it’s a decent brand and not some knock-off. If it’s not a particular brand, then I would guess that Ben & Jerry’s would have made their own. That’s wishful thinking this bourbon lover’s part, but let’s just say since the alcohol part is all cooked off, the flavor is what’s key here in this mix of ice cream.

urban bourbon

As of this blog posting, I’ve had three containers of this. It pretty easy to find in my local grocery store or supermarket. The average price is around $4.00 for a pint.

Taste wise, I really like this flavor. I can attest that the caramel swirls really do have a nice bourbon flavor to them, having a bite separate from the ice cream. Mixed with a bowl of the ice cream, the bourbon flavor is good and consumed with smoothness.

If you can venture out to your local grocer, I highly recommend trying this ice cream. You won’t be disappointed.


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