Whiskey Wednesday: Rebel Yell

rebel yell

I like the bourbon. A lot. I normally have 5 glasses a week at home, three finger pours over ice. Sometimes a lot of ice, sometimes just a few cubes.

If I go to the bar, the shots are metered here in Utah, so it’s one of two ice cubes with a 1 oz pour. 1.5 oz if the bar I go to offers a “long pour”

At home, pouring 2 to 3 times the amount of bourbon, I like to have a reasonably priced brand that’s no where near a rot gut, yet offers a nice smooth taste with that bourbon burn. I’ve found that with Rebel Yell. Yes, every time I say the name, I think of that Bill Idol song and album. “In the midnight hour/she says “pour, pour pour!!” is my replacement lyrics when I’m drinking a glass of Rebel Yell.

Smooth and Budget

This is a good bourbon and one that I’ve really enjoyed adding to my regular purchase list of booze at the liquor store. There is hardly any roughness to this at all. I try to take a few sips right after I pour it into the glass with ice to get the full effect of it before dilution happens.

Price wise, it’s under $20 for the 750ml bottle here in Utah at the State Liquor Store and even at Lee’s Discount Liquor in Nevada it’s only $2 cheaper. Sometimes, the Utah liquor store will have a sale and it’s $16 plus tax.

If you’ve not tried it, and you like sipping on bourbon on a regular basis, then this is a great choice that won’t give you pause on the price. Then once you become a fan, you will buy a few bottles when it’s on sale to have on hand at home.


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