Wathen’s Kentucky Bourbon


I always like finding a new bourbon that I’ve never had before. And especially so for those that have the label of single barrel. Wathen’s caught my eye while I was traveling back in October 2016 and it’s now added as one of my favorites.


Hand bottled, 250 years old recipe and at 94 proof, this is a bourbon with some heritage and a nice level of alcohol content.

First Time In Virginia


As I mentioned above, I was traveling in October 2016. My wife and I were visiting Colonial Williamsburg, VA and ended up at the Trellis Bar and Grill. It was happy hour and there were drink specials, but I spied their selection of bourbons and spotted the square bottle of Wathen’s and asked for a glass.


It was a nice pour over a large single ice sphere. I enjoyed each sip, even staying past happy hour to have another.

I highly recommend this bourbon to anyone that enjoys having something different than the normal pour.


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