Mike’s HARDER Cranberry Lemonade

Mike's HARDER Cranberry

Easily this is one of the flavors of Mike’s HARDER flavors that I can drink, or have someone else drink or take a swig from the can and it is instantly likeable.

Still at 8% ABV, it’s a nice malted beverage to drink and gets you buzzed quick. And it’s not overly sweet or way too much like an alcoholic taste that is kind of a turn off for some that don’t like that strong alcohol taste or flavor. I like this flavor a lot and it’s a flavor that you can find in just about any convenience store that stocks full strength beers [don’t look to Utah to have this] in most states.

Original Can Design>

Mike's HARDER Cranberry

I first tried this back in 2010 and didn’t blog about it here. It was good then, but over the last 7 years, the can design is more modern than it used to be. Taste wise, I think it’s just as good.

Mike’s HARDER Flavors

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