Negroni Week 2017

negroni week

Every year around the first week of June, it’s a celebration of the legacy and classic cocktail – the Negroni.

And like last year, my daughter and I celebrated by going to Under Current bar here in Salt Lake City.

The recipe list was compiled by Imbibe and Campari.

negroni week

The side by side view of the two Negronis we had. The one on the left is the Peargroni, with St. George Pear Brandy, dry vermouth, Campari and pear garnish.

On the right is the classic Negroni, made with Beefeater Gin, sweet vermouth, Campari and orange garnish.

I’ve liked negronis for many years now and they are one of the most interesting and sought after cocktails worldwide. If you’ve never tried one, seek out a trusted bar that makes a great cocktail and ask for a Negroni. I bet you will end up liking it as much as I do.


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