Fireball Whisky

fireball whisky

Given the selection of the various distills of whisky from Canada, they go from the low end brands to smoothly-aged blends that are very enjoyable.

But today, we have all sorts of different flavors of the dark spirit, including Fireball, a cinnamon-infused whisky that not only has that familiar bite, but adds in a red hot kick and a burning edge.

fireball whisky

This is a 66 proof whisky, lower than most other whiskys, but on par with other types of flavored spirits containing less alcohol content. It can still produce a nice buzz, but it’s more focused on the flavor than the alcohol content.


Doing shots of this whisky carries a warning for those who are not used to shooting booze that has an edge to it. Also to those of us with GERD or acid reflux, make sure you prepare with anti-acid remedies. Once you feel ready, grab that 1.5 oz jigger and take a shot. If you need a chaser, chilled water works well.


If you are not ready for the red hot edge of a shot of Fireball, then grab a 4 oz rocks glass, add a couple of ice cubes and refill that jigger with this cinnamon mixture. As the ice slightly melts, it takes some of the edge off the bite, making this whisky go down the hatch in a swallow of flavor.

Try It

I don’t have this very often, so I only keep a pint of it at home, but I enjoyed a shot and a rocks glass full of it this weekend and it reminded me of how well it tastes. Next time you are at your favorite bar or liquor store, ask for Fireball. You might become a fan of this red hot kicker.


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