Mike’s Harder Lemonade

mikes harder lemonade

I’ve written up my thoughts on the other flavors of Mike’s Harder Lemonade flavored malt beverages before, but this is the original flavor – Lemonade.

Fresh and Potent

It starts as a 16 oz can of 8% ABV flavored beer. From the first sip, it’s got a nice smooth taste, with just the right about of sweetness. Not overly sweet at all. And that alcohol content is nice to have. One can of this and it gets things started. I like to enjoy one before I start drinking for the night. Or to take a few of these camping, starting off the evening with an alcoholic drink that easy to carry and walk about the campground, getting the buzz going for future imbibing.


While my favorite is still the Limeade flavor, I do like this original without the other flavors mixed in. I tend to buy at least 4 of these when I go out of town to bring back and enjoy. [although I do tend to ration them as they are not convenient to purchase from my home in Utah]

Any other fans of the Mike’s Harder Lemonade? Are they easy to purchase where you live?

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