World Gin Day 2013

bombay sapphire gin

Gin has been one of my top favorites in the spirit categories. So it should be no surprise that I am here today to celebrate World Gin Day.


gin and tonic

For my first choice of brands, Bombay Sapphire gets my vote as the gin I most prefer. It’s smooth, it’s got a great flavor and it’s quality is one of the best for a mainstream gin. I can ask for Bombay Sapphire and tonic pretty much everywhere I go and I am never denied my gin of choice.

Other Gins

new amsterdam gin

But sometimes price dictates how much I drink, and for that scenario, I have a backup gin that I find that is really good and very flavorful. New Amsterdam is a brand that is about half of what a bottle of Bobmaby Sapphire costs, yet it doesn’t skimp on the flavor. It’s not quite as smooth, but if you are drinking a moderate amount or want a really good gin for a large number of visitors, then I highly recommend New Amsterdam. It won’t break the bank, but still give your discerning guests an experience and taste they won’t balk at.

tanqueray newamsterdam

Tanqueray is another great gin alternative. It’s much sweeter than Bombay Sapphire or New Amsterdam, but price wise, it’s somewhere in the middle. Quality wise, it’s really good. Many gin drinkers prefer Tanqueray. I have a penchant for going a bit extra on the quality and keep Tanqueray 10 in my liquor cabinet. It’s a bit more and harder to find, but worth the effort. This one is my wife’s favorite gin, so it makes sense why I keep a bottle or two on hand.

How I Celebrated

dirty martini

While I normally would go with the gin and tonic, I thought the celebration of World Gin Day deserved something classier. And for that, I went with the dirty martini. Always a great choice.

How did you celebrate World Gin Day today?

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