Crown Royal Vanilla

crown royal vanilla

Given my long time adoration for the Crown Royal Canadian Whisky brand, I’ve found another flavor to try that I ended up liking: Crown Royal Vanilla. The last expanded entry in their brand was Rye, which I wrote about back at the end of December 2015.

Box and Bag

crown royal vanilla

This new entry of flavored whiskys turns this tried and true blend into a sweeter version with a heavy vanilla taste. Here’s the Crown Royal official designation, which is printed on the back of the box.

To create this extraordinary blend, Crown Royal whiskies are carefully selected by out master blender and infused with the rich flavor of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. The result is a uniquely sophisticated whisky, bursting with the bold flavor of vanilla and the distinctive smoothness of Crown Royal. Enjoy straight, on the rocks or in a cocktail for a uniquely smooth experience.

Along with this new flavor, there’s a new bag, which is tan in color meant to symbolize the vanilla flavor.

Full Bottle

crown royal vanilla

Once I unboxed the bottle and released it from the bag, I wasted no time pouring a glass. My first impressions are that it’s good, but only over ice and let the ice melt a bit so it dilutes the whisky. I tried a sip at room temperature and it was pretty sweet and a bit on the harsh side. Not as smooth as say Crown Royal Black, but no where near as sweet as Crown Royal Maple.

Polished It Off

crown royal vanilla

So from the time I first cracked open this bottle of Crown Royal Vanilla to when it was empty was around 3 weeks. I enjoyed it, but don’t need to buy this again anytime soon.

Maybe what I need is a proper review of Crown Royal Black and to remember how great the 75th Anniversary blend was.


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