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Welcome to Adult Beverages.

We are building what will become the premier web destination for all things alcohol, drinking, mixing, liquor, booze and just about anything you want to know about consuming the libations of the adult variety.

Main Site

This main page is our general blog with news stories, announcements, contests and events related to alcohol. We will spend the rest of 2012 with daily blog posts and other features.

Drinks and Videos

At the bottom of this site is a section called Sites. The first two we are working on are Drinks and Videos. Drinks is all about drink recipes and photos of how the drinks are made and what ingredients go into each drink. Videos will be a weekly video podcast that is produced to show how to make the drink, along with commentary that will get you excited to make your drinks at home.

Future expansions of this site are planned for 2013 and we will announce them right here when they are launched.

As we shuffle things around and build more depth and content, we think Adult Beverages will be a daily online destination for all of you lovers of the liquid spirits.

Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave them below. Or shoot me an email in the Contact link at the bottom of this page.

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