Jäger Bomb


The Jäger Bomb…. the shot that gets slammed at most bars on a Friday night, which was the case with myself and a few friends this last Friday night.

Licorice Liqueur

Jägermeister [pronounced “Yager” for short] is a licorice-anise flavored liqueur that’s dark in color and syrupy in consistency. Taking a shot of it without any mixers is common, but very very sweet. Mixing the shot in a 4 oz. rocks glass is preferred and is served more frequently as it takes the sweet edge off and adds that bit of punch to the shot.

Mixed With Red Bull

While there are numerous energy drinks that can be used to mix with Jäger, only one should EVER be used – and that’s Red Bull. The taste and how it mixes together is perfect and all other mixers pale in comparison in this imbibers taste.

Just take 1 1/2 part Jäger and 2 1/2 parts Red Bull and you have yourself a Jäger Bomb.

Whether you slam several of these in one night, or if you prefer just one on a rare occasion, you know these go down pretty good.

If you’ve never had one, make it a point to at least try it. Make sure you ask for Red Bull and you might find your next shooter of choice.


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