Holiday Drinks: Gumby

gumby mixed

Nothing like a nice holiday drink that’s a nice mixture of sweet, sour and colorful. This one is called a Gumby.


gumby ingredients

The history of the Gumby goes back several years. My friend Tim had an drink mixing party that we dubbed “R&D” where we tested different drinks and a good 12 of us rated them. The Gumby was rated pretty high and there were multiple people asking us to mix more of them. It became one of my favorites and is now a part of every holiday season, including making them at an holiday party our friend’s have each year.

To make a Gumby, mix 1 part Midori, 1 part sweet and sour and 2 parts vodka and ice in a shaker. Pour into a rocks glass over ice, then add Sprite or 7-Up to fill. Stir and you have yourself a Merry little drink.

Add More Vodka

For this particular mix, I used Tito’s Vodka, which is a handmade vodka that is smooth and goes down really nice. While the recipe calls for 2 parts of vodka, I tend to always add more. Makes the drink more potent and less sweet.


Since I normally drink more than just one of these at a time, I tend to add enough in the shaker for several drinks. With practice over the years, I can now make these without the jigger.

For those trying to cut back on calories, you can use Sprite Zero [as pictured above] and it gives all of the taste of the drink compared to regular Sprite.

Try mixing your own and you too might get hooked on this alcoholic holiday cheer.

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