Duck Fart

duck fart

I first had this shot some years back when celebrating a friend’s birthday at a bar. I had a layered mudslide before, which is just a bigger version of this shot.

This is one of those shots/drinks that you have to try at least once in your life. It’s name might be a deterrent, but don’t let it. It’s mostly a mixture of sweet and harsh, but once you have, you will come back to it every so often.

Layer Right

The layers are important, as the heavier alcohol needs to be added first, then the next alcohol that’s not as heavy goes in next. Then of course, the lightest alcohol in weight goes on last, topping the shot.

To layer this shot takes a bit of precise pouring. I normally use a spoon and pour each layer positioning it inside the glass so it doesn’t pour into the other layers. It’s not only important to the visual presentation, but also how you shoot this.

First, grab a small rocks glass. Or if you prefer less content, you can use a standard shot glass. It’s easier to layer with a larger glass. The first booze that goes in is Kahlua, which since it’s the first layer, doesn’t need the spoon to pour into the shot glass. Next up is Bailey’s, which you do need to carefully layer on top of the Kahlua.

Lastly, the whiskey goes on top. I use Jameson. No need to dirty up this shot with well quality liquor.

Shooting It

To consume, throw back the shot quickly. The mix of the different type of alcohol should take place in your mouth and down your throat. If you sip, you will only get whiskey with a tinge of the other two liqueurs.

Try it and let me know how you like it. If you’ve had this before, comment below and tell me how you make it and any twists you give it.

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