Happy Margarita Day

jose cuervo mix

Happy Margarita Day!

While it’s not fancy or handmade, it’s still a margarita. And normally I would be making a classic margarita with Patron Silver and juice from real limes. For tonight, I wanted a quick margarita and had this mix chilling in the fridge the last week or so.

On The Rocks or Frozen

jose cuervo

I used to like margaritas frozen or blended with ice. But after having some really watered down margaritas over the years, both served and from letting the frozen ice melt into the drink, I switched to on the rocks. The strength of the tequila in the margarita was more potent and flavorful. While tonight’s was sans salted rim, I normally prefer the salt, which mixes well with the lime.

So raise a glass to Margarita Day. And then on May 5th, we’ll do it all over again.


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