Tequila Avión


I’ve had many types of tequila over the years and have liked most and regretted very few. I normally prefer a silver like Patrón Silver so when I heard about Tequila Avión, I had to try it.

Made Into a Margarita

I was on a flight coming back from Denver a couple weeks ago and saw they had Tequila Avión on the drink menu. It was expectedly paired with a margarita mix, so I decided this would be how I would try a new tequila brand for the first time.

Before I mixed the two mini bottles, I did take a sniff of the Tequila Avión. It really had a different smell to it… not harsh at all like most low-end brands and some mid-grade blends. This gave me promise.

Sure enough, mixing the margarita and Tequila Avión together and stirring it up ended up being a great experience. My first sip was good… really good. The small cup you get on a plane is capable of making two drinks from each mini bottle [unless you really want to make it stronger, which on a short flight heading back home is not the best of ideas]. I enjoyed both drinks very much.

My next time trying Tequila Avión will be in shot form so I can savor the flavor of this great tasting blend of silver tequila.

Anyone else try Tequila Avión before? Thoughts?


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