Did you know that one of the prescribed ways to clean a harmonica is to run hot water through it on both sides, shake it out, and then do the same with alcohol? Rubbing alcohol works, but the site I read also mentioned using vodka or gin.

Obviously the alcohol is to dry up any remaining water and kill germs. But, since a harmonica is played with your mouth, you clearly would not want to have the taste of rubbing alcohol in there. Or, at least, I wouldn’t want it.

I mention all this because I was given a harmonica that my mom found. It’s a really nice Hohner Special 20 Marine Band. It was used. And I didn’t want to be bending notes with the taste of someone else’s mouth on there.

Last night, I ran through the cleansing steps and then poured some Beefeater gin on it. I allowed it to dry and then tried it out. It worked perfectly.

And it tasted like gin! Epic win!

I may have to “clean” it more often.

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