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Did you know that one of the prescribed ways to clean a harmonica is to run hot water through it on both sides, shake it out, and then do the same with alcohol? Rubbing alcohol works, but


Are you Untappd? Well, I am. I’ve been using the Untappd iOS app for three years now to check into beers that I drink and follow breweries that I enjoy. I’ve also made a lot of friends

Pick a Six

When you buy beer, do you always buy in multipacks like a six pack or case to save money? There was a time I did that. Back before my tastes became more refined and the craft beer


After about a year spent developing a taste and love for IPAs, I’ve grown a wandering eye for some of the beers I’ve been missing out on as a result. Most specifically, stouts. I love stouts. Always

Sangster’s Original Jamaica Rum Cream

Hi! I’m kapgar and this is my first (of, hopefully, several) guest posts here at Adult Beverages. This week, I’m featuring the final two fingers of a bottle given to me by my parents as a gift