natty can

Natural Light, or as regular drinkers call it – Natty. This is your run of the mill beer. Not as cheap as PBR [Pabst Blue Ribbon], but pretty damn close.


natty cooler

This is the kind of beer you take with you camping or in a cooler to a concert [as pictured above]. You don’t drink this beer for pleasure. It’s meant to be drank from the can. You can actually find this in bottles, but that’s a container debate, not an improvement to the internal contents.


natty van
Delivery Service? Nah. Just a marketing prop.

It’s cheap [normally less than $8 for a 12 pack] and sometimes you can find the Ice variety for a bit more [it’s not any better]. Here in Utah, all beer sold outside the State Liquor Store is 3.2% alcohol content. They do make a Natural Light that is stronger, but you need to travel to a neighboring state like Wyoming or Nevada to purchase and consume it.

It’s the type of beer you keep on hand for your friend if you don’t want them drinking the good stuff. Unless you really care about your friends. Otherwise, grab a 12 pack and have some low-brow drinking time with you and your outdoor buddies.

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