Cake Cod

cake cod

Last fall, I blogged about trying Pinnacle Tropical Punch vodka and how I liked it. Around that same time, I also bought a bottle of Pinnacle Cake vodka, which I normally consume as a shot over ice with a friend.

I decided to try the Cake vodka with the same mixers I used on the Tropical Punch vodka and it worked really well. In fact, I gave it an official name – Cake Cod. Check out the recipe below.

Cake Vodka

cake vodka

The Cake vodka uses artificial flavors to make it taste like a white cake. It’s actually quite amazing how well they have replicated the cake flavor in a spirit. On it’s own, it’s sweet. But over ice and mixed with club soda, it’s no where near as sweet.


  • 1 part Pinnacle Cake Vodka
  • 2 parts club soda
  • Splash cranberry juice

– Fill rocks glass with ice
– pour in cake vodka
– fill remaining with club soda
– add splash of cranberry juice for color

Stir and enjoy!

This drink is smooth, not overly sweet and goes down nicely. A nice change up from the basic Cape Cod. Also, there are other brands of cake-flavored vodka out there like Three Olives, but I had Pinnacle already in the liquor cabinet.

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