National Margarita Day 2014


February 22nd is National Margarita Day. The origins of why it falls on this day are debatable, but who wants to debate that when there’s margaritas to be drank.

Over the years, I’ve ditched the frozen/blended margarita for several reasons. One, if you drink it too fast, you get brain freeze. Two, you can’t really taste the tequila when the ice it’s blended with melts much quicker than larger ice cubes. and three, it’s way too sweet due to most places adding more sweet and sour mix than they should.

I prefer my margaritas on the rocks and made simply with just a few ingredients: tequila, lime juice, agave nectar and triple sec. If I’m making multiple in a larger shaker, I replace the triple sec with a more respected bottled mix, as others might like appreciate the stronger tequila taste.

For the above drink, I used 2 oz. Casamigos Blanco, juice from 1/2 a lime, a dash of agave nectar and triple sec. It turned out as tasty as it looks. The full flavor of the tequila is very evident, which is always my preference.


chilis patron

Later in the evening, I met my daughter at the local Chili’s Bar and Grill for more margarita goodness. I enjoyed the Patrón Silver, which comes in it’s own custom shaker and fills the glass at least 3 times.

chilis blueberry

My daughter had the Blueberry Pineapple, made with Hornitos Reposado. She said it was pretty good, but a bit on the sweet side. Made with added blueberries and a triangle of pineapple, the presentation was top notch.

Any preferences on your margarita? How did you celebrate National Margarita Day?


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