Warm Wrap

warm wrap

When you go out to a nice restaurant and enjoy a nice meal, it’s always nice to complete the meal with a cordial. One of my recent favorites is at a place called Faustina, located in downtown Salt Lake City, UT.

They serve several dessert like drinks such as espresso martinis. But on the menu is one that caught my eye – and my taste buds. It’s called a Warm Wrap and it’s a nice drink to end the night on.

Served Warm

They take 1.5 ozs of Courvoisier congnac and 1 oz of Kahlua and warm them up to about 100 degrees. Not too hot and never too hot to sip. When I am first served this drink, I stick my nose inside the glass and enjoy the aroma of the mixture. It’s intoxicating on an entire new level. Taking a sip while it’s still very warm, the flavors hit my taste buds and sit on my tongue like a well made dessert.

This is a true sipping drink. You wouldn’t want to gulp it down, not only due to the temperature of the drink, but it’s enjoyed more in small doses.

I am not a regular cognac drinker, but the flavor of this drink is just that good to where I enjoy having one every few months. It’s not that sweet, as the Kahlua enhances the flavor of the drink by adding a neutralizing tone to the sweetness.

I’m sure other restaurants in your part of the world have served something similar. If so, tell me if you’ve had this drink or something close. I would love to hear your thoughts on this delicious after dinner beverage.


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