Are you Untappd?

Well, I am. I’ve been using the Untappd iOS app for three years now to check into beers that I drink and follow breweries that I enjoy. I’ve also made a lot of friends who love nothing more than sharing their beers… in a social media sense, of course.

So why Untappd? It’s got some cool features like being able to follow breweries and finding comprehensive lists of the beers they brew, even ones that are retired. I also earn badges, can talk to friends, and maintain a wishlist of beers I have yet to try. It’s great.

At the time I signed up, though, it was one of the few that were available. Now the market for these apps has exploded. I’m not sure if all these apps are social in nature, but I’ve found in the App Store: iBeer, Beer Buddy, World of Beer, Beer Advocate, Drizly, Next Glass, Beer Citizen, Brewgene, TapLister, Brew Pal, Brewski Me, I’ve Had That, Brewery Passport, Sip Snapp, Rate Beer, Brass Tap, and oh so many more. And this is just beer!

So are you Untappd? Or do you used another app to track beer (or wine or cocktail) consumption? Let me know what you use and why you like it.

And if you want to friend me on Untappd, I’m “kapgar.”



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