Mike’s Harder Blueberry Lemonade

mikes harder blueberry lemonade

As with their previous flavored malt beverages that contain 8% alcohol, Mike’s Harder Blueberry Lemonade doesn’t disappoint. It’s a slight bit on the sweet side, but not too sweet to think about not consuming the entire 16 oz can in a single sitting.

The lemonade taste is evident, but mixed with artificial blueberry, it’s a good mix. I tend to not get many of this flavor for several reasons, two of which are: availability and it’s not my favorite of their many flavors [Limeade is still tops in my book].

The alcohol content of this drink is perfect for what I would call “getting the party started” or just as the lone adult beverage for the night. I’ve tried consuming more than one in a night and it’s just not for me. It’s too filling and the overload of sweet and booze can have ill adverse affects. I would much rather continue drinking other cocktails for the rest of the night than the Mike’s Harder.

Other Flavors

I’ve reviewed some of the other flavors of the Mike’s Harder Lemonade malt beverages:

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