Holiday Drinks: Egg Nog Spiced Up

egg nog

It’s the holiday season and if you’ve not started mixing up some liquid holiday cheer, maybe this will help you get started with a classic – egg nog.


egg nog mixed

While there are many recipes for making this drink from scratch, we are going simple for this version. Find your favorite brand of egg nog in your grocer’s dairy section. Egg nog is normally available only during the holidays, from mid-November to early January. It mostly comes in quart and half gallon sizes, although I’ve seen it in gallon containers as well.

Brand wise, there are many to choose from. National brands like Land O’ Lakes are very good, but pricier. I prefer local brands, like Meadow Gold. And while there are low fat varieties, the best kind is the regular full-on egg nog with no corners cut.

I use an 8 oz. glass, filled 1/4 of the way with ice. Then add a 1 oz jigger of spiced rum, then fill with egg nog to about 80% full. Then I like to add just a bit of water to break up the heavy nog. Some have questioned this for fear of diluting the nog, but I feel this makes the drink less thick and more drinkable, in this imbibers opinion.

100 Proof

captain morgan 100 proof

My years’ long preferred alcohol has been spiced rum, with a preferred brand of Captain Morgan. I found the 100 proof version at the liquor store [the regular Captain Morgan is 70 proof] and I much prefer the higher alcoholic content version. It adds a bit more of a kick to it, helping the nog along it’s path to relaxing around the campfire or decorating the house.

In the next week or so, I will be mixing my egg nog with bourbon and would like some suggestions on what brands you prefer. I’m leaning towards Jim Beam, but would like to hear what others use.

In the meantime, make yourself a spiced egg nog and enjoy.


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