Woodchuck Hard Cider

woodchuck hard cider

Every once in a while, a new trend in alcohol picks up speed in the imbibing world. While the flavored vodka craze is showing no signs of slowing down, there is a new category that has embraced the taste buds of drinkers: hard cider. Mostly found in liquor stores and in higher ABV content than other bottled beverages like beer, the hard cider has a nice taste and is less filling than most beers. It’s become a true replacement for wine coolers in many settings.

I recently found the Woodchuck brand at a BevMo! store in Vancouver, WA and decided to try the limited Summer release.

Not Sweet, Just Right

Each 12 oz bottle is 5% ABV, which is just right for a beverage of this type. This particular Summer version of the hard cider has a hint of blueberry with a mostly apple-tasting base. It was much less filling than most pilsner beers, which is pretty obvious since there are no hops or barleys used in the distilling of the cider.

If you’ve never tried a hard cider before, I highly recommend the Woodchuck brand. Very easy on the taste buds without being overly sweet. And you can drink a few of them in a night without getting filled up.

Anyone out there try this brand of hard cider? How about recommendations for other brands of hard cider? Comment below.

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