Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider

woodchuck amber

My first experience with Woodchuck hard cider was last summer with the limited Summer release. Once it was gone, I mostly found the Amber blend, which I learned is the mainstream version of this brand of hard cider.


It’s also only one of two blends of Woodchuck hard cider that I can easily purchase here in Utah. You see, there’s no Woodchuck available in 3.2% ABV form, which outside the state run liquor stores, is the only bottled alcohol that can be purchased [grocery and convenience stores]. I pay $2 a bottle for this [it’s only sold by the bottle, even if you purchase in a six pack], which is more than what other states sell this for. I’ve found it in Las Vegas, Austin and Orlando for $7.99 a six pack. It comes in 12 oz bottles that are 5% ABV, which I wouldn’t want the good folks at Woodchuck in Vermont to be forced to make a lower alcohol content hard cider.

The flavor is pretty standard if you’ve tried other hard ciders that are apple-flavored. But I really like this Woodchuck brand a lot. They take pride in how they create their hard cider flavors. And this Amber flavor is tasty from the first sip to the last.

They have many other limited flavors and blends like the Spring flavor I tried last month, and I’d like to find them to see how I like them. But I know I will always come back to the Amber flavor. It’s tops for my taste buds.


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