Hornsby’s Hard Cider

hornsbys hard cider

Some weeks ago, I decided to try a different hard cider that I found at our local state-run liquor store. Here in Utah, there are not that many choices and each choice is not found in a cooler, if you want something that contains more than 3.2% ABV. I normally get Woodchuck, which I really like. But this Hornsby’s brand got me curious and I decided to purchase a 6 pack.

Odd Tasting

I should have just purchased 1 or 2 bottles. While the flavor was good, it wasn’t great. And there was an odd aftertaste that made it hard to choke down. Seriously, I would supposed to be enjoying a hard cider, not wishing I could leave it unfinished. At $1.99 a bottle, I certainly didn’t want this to go to waste. And considering going to a the grocery store to get some type of beer to wash out the odd taste, I sucked down all 6 bottles in the course of a few days.

The 5% ABV helped give me a buzz to forget the taste. I finally found a bottle of Woodchuck Hard Cider that I had in my drink fridge and sure enough, it was the taste I was after.

I do recommend Hornsby’s at all. Even when poured over ice, it wasn’t to my liking.

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