Coney Island Brewing Hard Orange Cream Ale

hard orange cream ale

In my efforts to seek out new kinds of ales and brews, every once in a while, I find one that sounds like it might be overkill but ends up being really good. Coney Island’s Hard Orange Cream Ale is that good.

Right Mix

There is no shortage of flavored beers and ales out there. I mean, every month, I see at least 2 new brews here in Utah. And that’s for a control state that has always been behind in bringing in new products. But this Hard Orange Cream Ale sounded like it was going to be pretty sweet. A lot of smaller breweries tend to take extra measures to ensure they are not just loading up these ales with sugar and sweet flavors. And although this brewer is part of the Boston Beer Co., which houses the Samuel Adams brand, this ale tastes like it came from a smaller brewery.

Coney Island sticks to the craft rules on special brews. The orange cream flavor mixed with an ale that’s not bitter or too heavy. Plus the 5% ABV makes this one a winner for those who want something different than the standard unflavored but full bodied ale.

I’ve drank a 6 pack of these over the course of a couple of weeks and each time, I enjoy each one and look forward to the next time I have another. Look for them in your favorite liquor store or grocer.

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